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April 25, 2018

Creativity and Workplace Success

Any business, especially those in the design field, needs creativity to thrive. In fact, creativity is actually at the root of many soft skills such as effective communication, problem-solving, and working collaboratively. However, these increasingly sought-after skills have been harder and harder to come by thanks to the skills gap, leaving companies wondering where in the hiring process they went wrong.

So, what can companies do to foster creativity while also developing digital and technical skills at the same time? Apprenticeship programs, like MIAD’s Designship, are an excellent way to bridge the skills gap and promote the creative culture companies need for growth and success.

Creativity and Soft Skills

Oftentimes, a company will assume that a new hire will “just know” how to effectively communicate, or collaborate with others. Especially those companies in a creative field. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Designers, for example, are often tasked with flexing their creative muscles outside of the technical programs they use. They must be innovative and have the people skills to understand what a client or co-worker is looking for. This is where an apprenticeship program, like Designship, can be especially helpful because it allows companies to guide new hires by example, teaching AND showing them how to interact with other employees and with their clients.

Promoting a Creative Workspace

There is a lot of value in creating the best employee experience possible. A desirable workspace not only churns out better work, but it attracts good talent and allows companies to grow. In fact, HR teams are now working on building programs that will effectively improve the employee experience.

An apprenticeship is a great example of this type of program. The best ones arm employees with an arsenal of skills and a capable mindset. In turn, this will lead to the type of creative thinking that will strengthen an employee’s natural abilities and allow them to use that creativity to foster ideas and solutions.

If you’re looking to prepare creatives in your workforce, the key to success is a structured program that promotes continued education as well as professional development. In turn, you will be building strong, passionate creatives capable of bringing your company success for years to come.