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Designship Welcomes First Product Design Apprentices

MIAD has officially kicked off their registered apprenticeship program, Designship, by collaborating with Flux Design in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  In addition to being Designship’s first business partner, Flux Design has enrolled two of their own in the program, Ian Baker and Connor Kriha, both employees starting as apprentices in Product Design. “This event marks the first two registered apprenticeships with the state of Wisconsin in the area of Product Design,” said Sharon Crowe, Designship Executive Director.

Designship is the first apprenticeship program for design postgraduates in the country. MIAD President, Jeffery Morin, explained just how unique the program is saying, “Wisconsin can now claim they are on the cutting edge of design innovation in the country.” Christopher Hagerup, Department of Workforce Development Deputy Secretary, was also excited to be at the event. “Apprenticeship programs, like Designship, are a key feeder into the workforce in Wisconsin,” stated Hagerup.

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, or for more information, contact us to see how you can get involved.