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Become a Business Partner

Designship provides your organization with a customizable training program for designers to meet the demands needed in today’s workplace. Our competency based management training provides an immersive experience that puts a designer immediately on a productive trajectory to accelerate his/her rise within your organization.

Through experiential exercises and online training, the design apprentice gains the vital understanding of how a company functions and its unique culture. Apprentices also come away with the critical organizational skills needed to lead projects and teams, and the ability to communicate successfully across the company and with clients.


You partner with Designship to implement a professional design apprenticeship program within your organization.


You select newly hired or current designers to enroll as apprentices in the Designship training program. Designers must be a United States citizen or permanent legal resident..


Designship helps you prepare selected mentors to oversee apprentices during their immersive job experience.


Your mentors’ and apprentices’ success is important to us. Designship will provide support.


All administration associated with registered apprenticeship is managed by Designship.


The apprentice completes the program, ensuring your organization is equipped with a management-ready designer who is qualified to mentor future apprentices.


Designship℠ manages all administration associated with registered apprenticeships

Key Benefits of Being a Business Partner

  • Train and optimize your company’s talent
  • Greater ROI
  • Increased employee loyalty and retention
  • Put employees on a successful career path
  • Diversify your workforce
  • Ensure knowledge of your seasoned experts is passed on prior to retirement

Do you want to provide immediate access to professional development for your designers? Do you want to minimize the risks of employees not fitting into your company’s culture? Do you want to provide your seasoned experts the opportunity to give back to your organization? Get started in Designship today! Costs for the first 300 Designship participants’ training and coursework are underwritten through the AAI grant.

To learn more about becoming a business partner, or for other questions, please see our FAQ page.