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Product (Industrial) Design

Based on organizations need for employees with the ability to initiate, lead and create innovations, Designship’s Product Design apprenticeship program steps beyond the concept of “designing for” to “designing with” people. Starting from the brief with the client, apprentices will further develop projects guided by mentors to gain the ability to independently manage all aspects of development.

Apprentices learn the need to respect lead times, proper use of professional tools, and how to organize the development process all the way to the final presentation. Mentors will guide apprentices through processes with particular emphasis on the quality of the work required to create and lead successful new products, services, and interactive experiences.

Our Product Design apprenticeship aims to prepare a new generation of designers capable of:

  • Leading multi-disciplinary teams during the production process
  • Establishing collaborative relationships within organizations
  • Managing the logistics of a project
  • Conceptualizing, developing and communicating innovative ideas both internally and externally

Our apprenticeship in Product Design refines an employee’s ability to create solutions that are in line with market needs and the company brand identity. Apprentices will gain advanced knowledge and hone their acquired skills to further a company’s competitive and sustainable products, services and business models.

Two designers collaborating

Product (Industrial)

Design Career Titles

  • Commercial Designer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Innovation Product Designer
  • Junior Product Designer
  • Lead Product Designer
  • Packaging Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Product Designer – Prototyping
  • Product Manager
  • Senior Product Designer

To learn more about our Product Design program, or for other questions, please see our FAQ page.