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April 17, 2018

The Difference Between Apprenticeships and Internships

In the creative world of design, job competencies are an essential part of the equation for career advancement. No doubt, an internship is great for dipping your foot in the workforce pool. For a student, an internship provides an opportunity to gain insight into a career path. While it gives a company the opportunity to consider the intern as a future employee, the internship experience may fall short unless a company has sizably invested in the creation of a structured immersive experience. Conversely, apprenticeship usually leads to long-term career success.

Apprenticeship puts a graduate on a trajectory of mastering job competencies and developing leadership and management skills. Successful apprenticeship programs result in retention and company loyalty. Businesses gain actual insight from their apprentices instead of another person to fetch coffee or organize files. In fact, apprenticeships give businesses the opportunity to build and mold a skilled staff with customized skills, which increases their return on investment.  That’s exactly the impetus behind Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design’s (MIAD) DesignshipSM program.

Designship meets the shifting demands of the marketplace. The program provides emerging creatives and recent grads a professional development opportunity to be trained while they work. Instead of switching off between classroom work and on-the-job training, apprentices are paired up with a mentor for a full year of structured work activities that happens in conjunction with leadership and management courses. This means that instead of taking classes that may not have anything to do with the internship, apprenticeship coursework is tied to the job experience so everything works together. Designship is the first such program in the country.

Increase your arsenal of tools beyond internship. Expand your company’s portfolio to include Designship’s registered apprenticeship program. Find out more. Become a business partner. Contact us today.